Sommer Associates distributes books from a number of quality educational publishers. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most comprehensive selection of quality educational materials specializing in non fiction library books, eBooks, and digital subscriptions.

Our goal is to provide you the best customer service possible. When ordering from Sommer Associates you can create one purchase order for all our publishers. All our publishers offer Free Shipping and Free Full Library processing with a minimum order of 10 books. We are also able to offer Seasonal Specials from the publishers to help stretch your tight budgets.

Why buy from Sommer Associates


  • Fulfillment – When you order directly from the Publisher, you will always get the best possible fulfillment rate

  • Price – You will always receive the best price when ordering direct

  • Customer Service – We know our books, and more quickly and easily fix any problems that might occur.

  • Lifetime guarantee – All of our Publishers guarantee their books, with a no-question asked replacement policy.

  • As the local representative for the Publisher we are able to show you the newest books.

  • Your local representative lives in your area so shouldn’t you support the local economy!